Trump Budget Eliminates 19 Federal Agencies We Already Don’t Like Or Don’t Know About

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In the past presidents and Congress would routinely expand government and rubber stamp financial expenditures year after year. That’s not how President Trump does things. That’s not how you drain a swamp.

In addition to major cuts to the EPA, which routinely operates outside of its charter and in violation of its Congressional authority, the wasteful and sometimes opulent State Department, and other large money wasting bureaucracies, President Trump’s first budget proposal calls for the complete elimination of 19 federal agencies, totaling $3 billion in additional cuts.

They’re all liberal favorites, including liberal political enabling and recruitment organizations and some that are arguably anti-American. That reality alone is enough to make them Democrat favorites and targets for elimination by our patriot President. Business Insider identified 19 from the budget that President Trump has recommended be completely done away with. They can remain in their present composition as private entities under DNC control and funding if they choose. There’s no reason for the American taxpayers to be supporting their waste or their use as political tools against them, particularly if they’re on the right side of the political spectrum. Business Insider was the source for much of the information listed below:

  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting – 2017 budget: $445 million

The CPB distributes taxpayer dollars to various public broadcasting organizations. The vast majority goes to local stations — especially in rural areas. National distributors like NPR and PBS also get small portions of their budgets from CPB. The budget cuts would primarily affect local public news outlets, which receive 90% of the CPB’s $445 million budget.

  • Corporation for National and Community Service – 2017 budget: $1.1 billion

A Democrat recruitment program that keeps the Democrat plantation masters in close contact with those upon which they impose dependency and perpetual party loyalty. It’s the largest program the Trump budget will eliminate and includes the AmeriCorps program established by the Clinton Administration.

  • National Endowment for the Arts – 2017 budget: $148 million

The NEA supports and promotes artists across the US. It was launched over 50 years ago by President Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat.

  • National Endowment for the Humanities – 2017 budget: $149 million

The NEH provides grants to museums, universities, libraries, and scholars to support and strengthen studies in the humanities and culture. Also established by Liberal Democrat Lyndon Johnson.

  • Appalachian Regional Commission – 2017 budget: $146 million

An organization that coordinates agenda items across multiple federal state and local governments in the Appalachian region in the name of economic development.

  • Delta Regional Authority – 2017 budget: $15 million

An economic-development agency that serves the eight-state Delta region, including Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

  • Denali Commission – 2015 budget: $14 million (most recent budget available)

An economic-development agency focused on Alaska formed as a pet project of then-Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, a Republican.

  • Northern Border Regional Commission – 2017 budget: $5 million

Economic development in Northeast border states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York, to develop their economies.

  • U.S. Trade and Development Agency – 2017 budget: $80.7 million

The USTDA is supposedly aimed at promoting US exports and assisting with constructing infrastructure abroad. The agency works create US jobs by linking businesses with opportunities to export goods to other countries. It has also supported efforts to mitigate climate change by working with partner countries to develop renewable, modern, and cleaner energy sources. A black hole for the skimming of taxpayer dollars.

  • Overseas Private Investment Corporation – 2016 budget: $83.5 million budget

This agency aims to support US businesses abroad by working with private companies and developing financial infrastructure in foreign countries. The institution uses private capital and works with the private sector to help the US “gain footholds in emerging markets.” It argues that, in doing so, it helps support US foreign policy.

  • African Development Foundation – 2017 budget:$28.2 million

Established by Congress to support and invest in African-owned businesses that improve livelihoods in poor African communities. The USADF operates in 20 countries, according to its website.

  • Inter-American Foundation – 2017 budget: $22.2 million

The Inter-American Foundation is a foreign agency focused on developing nongovernmental organizations and grassroots groups in the Caribbean and Latin America. Why are American Taxpayers developing businesses in other countries when many Americans would like a small business loan or grant for themselves?

  • Legal Services Corp. – 2017 budget: $502 million budget

The Legal Services Corp. is the largest funder of civil legal aid for low-income people in the US. Not citizens, illegals who have violated our laws and other ACLU type liberal causes in addition to their supposed legal purposes of domestic violence and family law, housing and foreclosures, disasters, and veterans’ affairs.

  • Neighborhood Reinvestment Corp. – 2017 budget: $140 million

Assists community development organizations in urban, suburban, and rural areas.

  • Institute of Museum and Library Services – 2017 budget: $230 million

Funds 35,000 local museums and 123,000 libraries across the country.

  • United States Institute of Peace – 2011 budget: $39.5 million (most recent available)

Established by Congress in 1984, under President Ronald Reagan, with the goal of mitigating and preventing conflicts abroad.

  • United States Inter-Agency Council on Homelessness – 2017 budget: $5.4 million

Obviously a failed agency, tasked with coordinating national solutions to end homelessness across the US.

  • Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars – 2017 budget: $10.4 million

Functions as a government-sponsored foreign-policy think tank for academics. It was founded through the Smithsonian Act of 1950.

  • Chemical Safety Board – 2017 budget: $11 million

An independent federal agency tasked with investigating industrial chemical accidents, established as part of the Clean Air Act in 1990.

Business Insider – Source


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  1. Patricia Anno // March 20, 2017 at 2:06 am // Reply

    I am sure this is just a part of the abuses on our wallets. Film at eleven !

  2. Edie Faylor // March 20, 2017 at 12:52 am // Reply

    God bless Trump!

  3. TONYA PARNELL // March 19, 2017 at 4:11 pm // Reply

    Hope they have gotten that poor shrimp off the treadmill

  4. How much of it will he get ?? the Elitists must keep their ‘playground’ so they can have an easy transition to no-borders Globalism …THE EASY WAY TO CONTROL THEIR “LITTLE PEOPLE ” that’s you and me …and they will not commit to doing away with JUST REPUBLICANS … no sirree ! it will be 2/3’s of the population – and that includes all you liberals that are helping them with all their riots! and you liberals think WE are the stupid ones ….hahahaha I HOPE PRESIDENT TRUMP PUSHES THINGS TO THE LIMIT ….HE IS OUR ONLY HOPE ! we got lucky !

  5. The suit was against Citibank

  6. The Neighborhood Reinvestment Corp was a Jimmy Carter Project that was expanded by Bill Clinton. It was the vehicle by which the entire housing industry and Fannie Mae were brought down. The fuse was lit by a suit against Bank of America by Obama’s law firm that made it impossible for lenders to turn down certain classes of people for loans. If President Trump does nothing else for the next four years, this is major, major, major. MusingsbyMarian do tc om

  7. Never heard of more than 50% of them. Sounds like good move for the times to me.

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