Traitorous But True – UN Framework Document For US Subjugation, US Military To Be Absorbed Into UN Peacekeepers, Disbanded

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For most Americans, the fact that the United States has filed with the United Nations a document pledging to submit to UN military authority and to dismantle our own military capability in the process would seem unbelievable. The “progressives” have set us down that path and while it won’t happen overnight, they fully intend for it to happen.

The United Nations is far more than an international money skimming operation disguised as an aid organization. It was established as the foundation for a world government, one in which the United States ultimately assumes a subordinate position as just another of many member nations, to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats. It will be modeled along the lines of a worldwide EU, only more austere, oppressive and authoritarian.

It is important to note that the government of the United States which has engaged in this treason is one composed largely of members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the global elite’s front group, personnel pool, PR and indoctrination firm all rolled into one. It’s the boys club of the international banksters to which members owe their success, their future and their loyalty. The CFR is a revolving door between the top positions within our government and the private sector, irrespective of and in complete indifference to which political party is in power. They view things from a borderless, international financial and political exploitative perspective. Our national interests are not theirs.

America’s two party system is little more than window dressing to provide the illusion of participation for the American citizens. The agenda and the goal remain largely consistent regardless of the outcome of “elections.” The CFR determines the candidates, one from each party and care not which puppet they will eventually pull the strings of.

For perspective, Jimmy Carter, a CFR and Trilateral Commission member, appointed 70 members of the Council on Foreign Relations to top positions within his administration and twenty members of the Trilateral Commission. Ronald Reagan, after first dismissing the idea, appointed over 80 CFR or Trilateral Commission members to his administration, as well as choosing one, George H.W. Bush, as his vice-president.


The offending treasonous document was filed on September 1st, 1961, with the UN Secretary General during the Kennedy administration. It remains in effect today, on file, ready to be used when needed. It is State Department document number 7277, titled Freedom From War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World. It is worth noting that their plans are often laid out decades in advance in order for the process to appear as a seamless, ordinary occurrence, thereby gaining acceptance and creating less resistance.

In the introduction the document states, “In order to overcome the danger of nuclear war now confronting mankind, the United States has introduced at the Sixteenth General Assembly of the United Nations a Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.”

“This new program provides for the progressive reduction of the war-making capabilities of nations and the simultaneous strengthening of international institutions to settle disputes and maintain the peace. It sets forth a series of comprehensive measures which can and should be taken in order to bring about a world in which there will be freedom from war and security for all states. It is based on three principles deemed essential to the achievement of practical progress in the disarmament field:

First, there must be immediate disarmament action:

A strenuous and uninterrupted effort must be made toward the goal of general and complete disarmament; at the same time, it is important that specific measures be put into effect as soon as possible.

Second, all disarmament obligations must be subject to effective international controls:

The control organization must have the manpower, facilities, and effectiveness to assure that limitations or reductions take place as agreed. It must also be able to certify to all states that retained forces and armaments do not exceed those permitted at any stage of the disarmament process.

Third, adequate peace-keeping machinery must be established:

There is an inseparable relationship between the scaling down of national armaments on the one hand and the building up of international peace-keeping machinery and institutions on the other. Nations are unlikely to shed their means of self-protection in the absence of alternative ways to safeguard their legitimate interests. This can only be achieved through the progressive strengthening of international institutions under the United Nations and by creating a United Nations Peace Force to enforce the peace as the disarmament process proceeds.


Of course there is no such thing as a peaceful world so at some point in time the assertion will likely be made that all that is preventing peace from being achieved is the failure to fully implement the final stages of the program. There is also no shortage of lessons from history that treaties are in fact made to be broken. Once disarmed, the nations become subjective to the international authority, with the peacekeepers then inevitably transitioning into the oppressors, with no force on Earth remaining capable of mounting a challenge to their tyranny.

The stated objective is for the United States military to be dismantled and absorbed in part into a domestic police force as well as integrated into the UN “peacekeeping” force with dominion over the United States.

The final portion of the document, once the “state of communist nirvana” is achieved states:

By the time Stage II has been completed, the confidence produced through a verified disarmament program, the acceptance of rules of peaceful international behavior, and the development of strengthened international peace-keeping processes within the framework of the U.N. should have reached a point where the states of the world can move forward to Stage III. In Stage III progressive controlled disarmament and continuously developing principles and procedures of international law would proceed to a point where no state would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened U.N. Peace Force and all international disputes would be settled according to the agreed principles of international conduct.

The progressive steps to be taken during the final phase of the disarmament program would be directed toward the attainment of a world in which:

(a) States would retain only those forces, non-nuclear armaments, and establishments required for the purpose of maintaining internal order; they would also support and provide agreed manpower for a U.N Peace Force.

(b) The U.N. Peace Force, equipped with agreed types and quantities of armaments, would be fully functioning.

(c) The manufacture of armaments would be prohibited except for those of agreed types and quantities to be used by the U.N. Peace Force and those required to maintain internal order. All other armaments would be destroyed or converted to peaceful purposes.

(d) The peace-keeping capabilities of the United Nations would be sufficiently strong and the obligations of all states under such arrangements sufficiently far-reaching as to assure peace and the just settlement of differences in a disarmed world.

Just in case the members had any doubt as to what was expected of them in the way of disarmament, the appendix clarifies, stating: Set forth as the objectives of a program of general and complete disarmament in a peaceful world:

(a) The disbanding of all national armed forces and the prohibition of their reestablishment in any form whatsoever other than those required to preserve internal order and for contributions to a United Nations Peace Force;

(b) The elimination from national arsenals of all armaments, including all weapons of mass destruction and the means for their delivery, other than those required for a United Nations Peace Force and for maintaining internal order;


The document repeatedly uses the term “progressive,” in describing the nature of its implementation. It’s no coincidence that the Marxists also use that term to describe themselves. Their manipulative methods are designed to be just gradual enough so as to not set off alarm bells among their victims.

This agreement to submit our national sovereignty to the United Nations in the naïve hope that they can do a better job of defending us than we can do ourselves is nonsense. It’s like trading your handguns for a cell phone to call 911 and hoping the cop doesn’t decide to shoot you instead of the perpetrator when he answers the call.

It’s a bad deal for the United States, as is just about every other entanglement the globalist traitors manipulate us into. There’s a reason why Hussein Obama has us as involved in the UN as we are and more is on the way. It’s part of a master plan, one that they are sharing with us until it is too late to do anything about it.

Whether this document is enforceable now or intended to become a template upon which future revisions are based, the intent and direction are clear. The UN and its supporters within the United States, the financial and political supporters of this criminal organization are using it as a tool for our destruction. Be it now, during our children’s lifetimes or fall upon our grandchildren is really irrelevant. It is a plague upon our nation, a cup of hemlock being held to our lips.

Is it any wonder the patriots of America are derided by those in power as bitter clingers and the like? They see us as remnants of the past, as dinosaurs who must evolve, who have not yet realized that they are extinct. It’s time we dinosaurs removed our names from the internationalists’ endangered species list and replaced them with those of their own treasonous elite “public servants.” Our “government” is no longer our government. They are a cabal of treasonous parasites intent of our enslavement, exploitation and destruction.

I’m Rick Wells – a constitutional conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. I’m not PC; I call it like I see it. – “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter. –  Please SUBSCRIBE in the right sidebar at or to receive our posts directly. Thank You

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