Sessions – Rubio Part Of OUTLAW Govt Violating Our Laws, Constitution

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Lou Dobbs starts off by asking Senator Sessions about one of the countless instances in which this country under the criminal Obama administration is not following the law in their handling of illegal aliens, the dumping of 90,000 dangerous criminal illegals back onto our streets.

Senator Sessions Diplomatically Calls Out Rubio’s Participation In Lawless Policies

Senator Sessions describes it as unbelievable and shocking what has been happening to our country, saying “This administration has devastated law enforcement.” He points out that “The Ice Officers, the federal law officers, sued their supervisors and the administration, in effect saying, ‘You have caused us to violate our oaths to enforce the law.’ They are being told by policies and regulations and executive orders throughout this entire system that makes it virtually impossible to create a lawful system of immigration.”

He notes, “It can be done, if we had presidential leadership. It’s not that hard. It’s really possible and we’ve got to do it; the American people have demanded it for thirty years. They get promises from Washington and nothing happens.”


Dobbs brings up the dispute between Chris Crane and Senator Marco Rubio. Crane was snubbed during the gang of eight push by Rubio, who has since attempted to discredit him and deny the facts once the public became aware of Rubio’s duplicity.

Dobbs quotes Cranes as “Saying point blank, Marco Rubio betrayed law enforcement in the gang of eight legislation and did so, just bald-faced, in front of everyone. You have supported him in this, that is the head of the union. What actually stopped the gang of eight bill in your judgment?”

Sessions gives Crane much of the credit saying, “Well, I think Chris Crane played a big role in it, he and other law enforcement officers. They exposed this bill. They said it would not make us more safe but less safe. They said it wouldn’t work as promised.”


Sessions reminds the audience of the process at the time, saying, “They met for months, the gang of eight did, with the La Raza and they met with the Chamber of Commerce but they wouldn’t allow law enforcement to come in and explain how the system really works and what you have to do to end the lawlessness. And they were just pushed out and it got to be a big deal and I guess the disagreements continue between those two.”

Sessions continues, saying, “And I just so admired Chris Crane, he was a Marine, he loved America, I believe he told the truth about the legislation and I thought it was very important for the American people that he did.”

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  1. Good post. Thanks, Rick.

    At least SOMEBODY in journalism land is keeping an eye on the all the lawlessness going on in D.C.

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