Senator Upset Obama Raided Treasury Of $500 Million For UN Slush Fund

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Obama Is Just Getting Started By Pilfering $500 Million

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) questioned a State Department official on Tuesday regarding the pilfering of $500 million dollars by the Obama regime, money which was given to the UN as a deposit into Obama’s Green Climate Slush Fund.

Barrasso tells the State Department representative,”’president’ Obama unilaterally pledged three billion dollars for the UN Green Climate Fund. Congress hasn’t authorized, hasn’t appropriated any funding for the new international climate change slush fund. The most recent fiscal year appropriations bill provided no funding to the UN Green Climate funds, specifically prohibited the transfer of funds to create new programs.”

He continues, saying, “Now media is reporting this morning that the administration deposited $500 million into the UN Green Climate Fund. It appears to be the latest example of the administration going around Congress because the American people don’t really support what the ‘president’ is doing with this initiative.”

The bobble head sent out to defend the indefensible replies, “We have reviewed our authorities and made a determination that we can make this payment to the green climate fund.” What she’s saying is that they’ve found an excuse upon which to base their weak arguments and they know that Congress won’t challenge him, they won’t do a thing but talk. What they’ve reviewed is whether or not they can get away with it and they’ve determined that they can.

Barrasso says, “I firmly oppose what the ‘president’ is doing here and this misuse, I believe, of taxpayer dollars, I think completely in violation of the law.”

Barrasso reminds her that “The United States’ national debt currently is $19 trillion, we have struggling communities across this country in need of help, there was a debate in Flint the other night, and I just think it’s hard to explain to taxpayers in struggling communities across our country, even places like Flint, that this ‘president’ and this administration is willing to give $500 million as a handout to foreign bureaucrats instead of addressing real problems here at home.

Barrasso is right, Obama dipped his filthy, slimy hands into the national treasury and when he pulled them out there was $500 million stuck to them, money he’s sending to his UN climate comrades for laundering. It will be filtered through various channels of corruption before his cut makes its way back to him; nobody will be able to trace it. It’s just the beginning though, the climate agreement is written so that every contribution establishes a new standard to be met in subsequent years. Even after we think we’re rid of this toxic waste he’ll be having us pay his greens fees.

If his cronies want more, which they surely and inevitably will, he’s already made a commitment of $2.5 billion additional cash. He’s got just as much legal authority embezzle that as he did the $500 million he just helped himself to; none. Besides, a slush fund helps the “fragile” planet heal from the inherent abuse of man’s existence. Feel guilty, America, and bend over. You might feel a little pinch as your wallet is emptied. Michelle does like her vacations.

Barrasso has outlined the latest in the long series of violations committed by the dictator in the White House, his pilferage and the lawbreaking he engaged in to accomplish the theft. What happens now? Will it be the usual statements of condemnation, strong words followed by absolutely nothing? Of course it will. Impeachment starts in the House but they won’t act either.

Both Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are busy worrying about how to keep their puppeteers in power and usurp the will of the people. They’ve got to stop Donald Trump, otherwise their gravy train runs off the tracks. They’re in bed with Obama. There’s probably a slice of climate fund pie for each of them as a little toke of their puppet masters’ appreciation.

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4 Comments on Senator Upset Obama Raided Treasury Of $500 Million For UN Slush Fund

  1. Ovomit must have been in a frugal mood ?? Only 500 million?? Hell, one of the first things Herr Turdeau did when he got his hands on Canadians money was give 2.2 billion!! To the NWO /UN slave masters to help defray the costs of instituting a one world govt for the bankers and Globalists. I just wonder how
    Much of that 2.2 billion will go to weaponry or FEMA camps or to pay the slave masters who will lead all the simple minded socialists to their deaths?

    • Richard Peattie // March 12, 2016 at 7:45 am // Reply

      Obama has pledged $3 billion. The $500 million was just a “down payment” that I guess he figured he could get away with.

  2. Richard Peattie // March 11, 2016 at 2:05 am // Reply

    The 2016 federal budget allocates $22.3 billion to the State Department’s USAID (US Agency for International Development). While broken down into various “categories” most of this money is for discretionary spending for the State Department, in other words, a slush fund. I’m sure that this is where Obama is getting the money for the “climate fund”. Evidently these billions of dollars to the State Department are approved by Congress with little oversight as to where the money is spent. Another example, like the EPA, of Congress appropriating money and delegating its powers to various federal executive agencies and departments who then can use it to further their own particular agendas without having to get any approvals from Congress.

  3. All we have is liars and thieves as we suffer! Sick of it all!

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