Sen Jeff Sessions Exposes Blatant Lies Of Speaker Paul Ryan About “Obama Enabling Act” Omnibus

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The title and position of Speaker of the House have done nothing to improve the truth telling percentages and propensities of Paul Ryan. If anything he’s been liberated to go full Obama on us, lying with impunity about any topic at any time, defying all challenges and challengers to his claims.

Ryan was completely devoid of conscience in his free-wheeling dispensation of falsehoods while promoting the TPP fast track, a secret bill that was classified, making it impossible for him to be refuted and exposed by his honest opposition. The crooked politician is telling similar untruths now about his sellout omnibus “Obama Enabling Act.”

He has done so at every opportunity, but one particular interview with Michael Medved may prove problematic for the pathological piece of legislative trash. He engaged in what were some personal assaults on Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), someone who isn’t concerned with political correctness or impressed by the Ryan persona and position.


Ryan isn’t good enough to hold Senator Sessions’ jock strap, let alone have any credibility in his criticisms of the selfless champion of the American people and his positions. Sessions is a thoughtful, reasonable and courageous defender of our nation and our people, characteristics which automatically place him at odds with Ryan. As one of his most vocal critics, Sessions has tirelessly warned us against their legislative treachery. He has also implored his corrupt colleagues in the Senate to join him in acting on behalf of the American people, to little avail. Most are more than willing to join Ryan and McConnell, helping themselves at the trough of big money instead.

On Saturday reported the details of a radio interview Ryan gave to the Michael Medved radio program, one in which he lied about and demeaned Senator Sessions. It would appear that the people are starting to figure out the true nature of “so likable, so friendly” traitor Paul Ryan and he’s getting a little more desperate and a lot more dishonest in his counter-attacking. They noted that:


“During the radio interview, Ryan dismissed what he described as the ‘hysteria’ surrounding an immigration expansion tucked 700 pages into Ryan’s spending bill. Ryan said, falsely, “The H-2B worker provision in here … it’s like 8,000 temporary workers for one year, is all this provision provides. … [B]ut I think there are those who for various reasons are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, making an issue something that it isn’t. Ryan described concerns over the provision as ‘hysteria’ while incorrectly explaining its contents…

Unfortunately for Ryan, Sessions is intimately familiar with the bill and knows what Ryan has hidden and the truth about his deception. He quickly set things straight, exposing Ryan for the liar and traitor that he is. He said,

“First, the number of H-2B workers is nowhere near 8,000.  The existing H-2B cap is already 66,000.  But the omnibus bill eliminates even the 66,000 cap by declaring that three years’ worth of prior workers will not be counted against the cap – or adding another 66,000 times three – for a new cap of 264,000 low-wage workers.

Secondly, it is not ‘making a mountain out of molehill,’ to try to save the jobs and livelihoods of thousands of loyal Americans from this influx of low-wage foreign labor.

Sessions warned Ryan of the dangers of continuing to defy the conservative electorate:

The House’s inclusion of the H-2B increase underscores that the growing divide between voters and party elites is not simply over means, but ends. Blithely dismissing the just concerns of the great majority of American voters, and especially Republican voters, is not a wise course for the Republican Speaker.

Congress should defend the citizens of this country with the same passion as the President defends the citizens of other countries.”

It’s quite telling that Senator Sessions didn’t cite Obama’s defense of Americans as an example, in that Obama has no more empathy for the American people than does Ryan. Both Obama and his political clone Paul Ryan are parasitic predators, engaged in the destruction of America as stealth enemies within.

Anyone who doesn’t recognize that reality either isn’t paying attention or is likewise part of the problem, either an idiot or a Marxist agent working for the anti-American enemy.

I’m Rick Wells – a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. I’m not PC; I call it like I see it. – Please “Like” me on Facebook, “Follow” me on Twitter or visit &

8 Comments on Sen Jeff Sessions Exposes Blatant Lies Of Speaker Paul Ryan About “Obama Enabling Act” Omnibus

  1. That beard looks evil…as is the man behind the beard. Who would have thought that he could have been our VP. Guess Romney isn’t mentoring him at the moment.

    • Romney is all the way with him. Romney stayed by his site from day one. Ryan is ROMNEYS boy all the way. he was not abele to get in the white house so he is going into the back door thru Rayn and think the American people are to blind or too stupid to see that….

  2. I watched Ryan on Meet the Depressed this morning. To watch him lie and obfuscate was gut wrenching. He needs to go now before he settles in to finish our country off (with and for Obuttmunch) in this last year of the dictator.

  3. Time to fire all those that violate their oath of office: Article 2 Section 4. NOW!!!!!

  4. Could it be the imported camel piss Obama let Ryan sip has converted Ryan into a beard face Muslim. Could it be Rothschild payments in Washington D.C. make all traitors.

  5. The American people DID NOT want Paul Ryan for Speaker but no one listened to us. And for those clueless that did not do their homework during the 2014 elections shame on you. You should have found like I did that Paul Ryan is an Aspen Institute fellow and graduated from the same class as Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Aspen is not where conservatives go to get groomed. It is humanist, UN, New World Order program. Well just remember he too is up for election. So lets make sure to give LOTS of money to his opposition and make sure he does not get elected. After pushing this Omnibus if his home districte elects him again there truly is not hope left for this country.

  6. Mason Malpass // December 21, 2015 at 9:19 am // Reply

    Ryan has either been bought, or more likely, is being blackmailed, judging from the obvious fear in his eyes. He and all like him need to be very aware of one thing, when they are of no more use in advancing Islam, they will be eliminated.

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