Pelosi Lies About Meeting Russian Ambassador, Gives Idiotic, Lame “Correction”

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Pelosi is engaged in a rant against the President’s response to her enabling “media” propagandists, labeling him as being authoritarian as she attacks then-Senator Sessions, with the assistance of what appears to be a male questioner, though one can’t be too sure with these Democrats. He helps her out noting that of 26 members of the Senate Armed Services committee, Senator Sessions is the only one who was visited by the Russian Ambassador. Maybe that means he was the only one doing his job, or the only one set up by the Democrats, who knows?

Nobody has bothered polling how many Senators other than Lindsey Graham and John McCain have made trips to the Middle East to pal around with terrorists and recruit “moderate” terrorists to overthrow Syria, either. That seems much more threatening than a meeting in the Senator’s office with a recognized diplomat with two US military aides in attendance at all times.

The interviewer asks Pelosi, “Let’s drill down on that, you’ve been in Congress a little bit and you’re in leadership. Have you ever met with the Russian Ambassador?” Pelosi looks like she just bit down on a cockroach in her burrito, pausing, uncertain what lie to tell to get her out of the mess she’s watching herself become embroiled in. Apparently determining that there is no safe lie to tell, she opts for word-parsing, replying, “Not with this Russian ambassador, no.” He follows up with “is it normal to meet with ambassadors?” Pelosi responds with a distracted, “yeah.” He might have wanted to ask her if another ambassador would have been different from this one, since she made that ridiculous distinction.

Pelosi can’t assert that it’s strange, so she claims it’s a problem of timing. Kind of like the problem she had with that question. She claims Sessions should have known better, that the supposed hacking was “clearly” going on since the summer. Following that logic, she should have called for Obama’s resignation last year as well, since his staff invited that same diplomat and others into their functions in both July and September of last year, coincidentally the same months the “set up” Senator Sessions unwittingly spoke with the radioactive diplomat.

She should also have called for John Kerry’s resignation and others in the State Department who met with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and other Russians in the same time period, based upon her line of “reasoning.”

She should have called for the ouster of Obama after he met with Chinese President XI on multiple occasion following their hacking of United States Office of Personnel Management and accessed the personal information of over 22 million Americans. Obama never responded formally in any manner to that attack yet he continued to engage with Xi, even courting him as a partner in the illegal self-ratification of his UN climate scam.

But it got worse for Pelosi, as evidence later surfaced that she had in fact met with this Russian Ambassador. She then qualified it as having never met with him one on one. Sessions has never met with him one on one either, you vicious, nasty woman. There were two military aides in the office at all times that the Russian Ambassador and the Senator were together.

Perhaps she’d like to follow her own advice and resign, just because she’s an evil hypocrite who will do anything to advance her party, even to  the point of destroying a good man and our great nation.


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2 Comments on Pelosi Lies About Meeting Russian Ambassador, Gives Idiotic, Lame “Correction”

  1. Man !! No wonder we are in the hell hole were in !! Moon bat crazy idiots as her ! Please Lord let the Trump train and his patriotic administration clean this country up and get her back on track !! ????????????????????????SWAMP SWAMP SWAMP

  2. WE ALL KNOW ! PELOSI HAS TO GO ! She is not a safe, capable representative for our country …Why doesn’t she do the honorable thing and resign …. it isn’t a matter of dishonesty any more – she can’t ‘perform’ – she is not all there , poor woman…

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