Outsiders or Establishment? Cruz DC Bush Insiders Since ’97 And ’03

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As a sitting Senator who worked for George W. Bush, Ted Cruz is not an outsider as he likes to claim, he’s an insider. His DC insider connections go back to 1997 when he began working to prepare testimony for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. During that period of time he also served as legal counsel for former Rep John Boehner.

Cruz Connection To Bush And Goldman Sachs – They’re No Outsiders

Cruz joined the George W. Bush Campaign in 1999 as a domestic policy adviser and worked in 2000 for the Bush team in the Bush v. Gore Florida recount. He also recruited future Chief Justice John Roberts to the Bush legal team, which is a far cry from his claims of non-support given in the Saturday debate. There’s a reason why Cruz does not have the resume of an outsider. It’s because he’s an insider pretending to be something he’s not.

His wife Heidi is currently on leave from Goldman Sachs while she’s working for her husband’s campaign. They’re the CFR political revolving door and financial giant which gave us their former CEO, Hank Paulson, as treasury raider and wealth redistributor, aka Treasury Secretary and TARP architect. She also worked in the Bush administration beginning in 2003 as the director for the Western Hemisphere on the National Security Council under National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice. Cruz is a former member of the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization her husband condemned in a 2011 speech, at a time in which she was still working there, as “a pernicious nest of snakes” that is “working to undermine our sovereignty.”

Mrs. Cruz worked on a top Bush agenda item, the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, their name for the North American Union. It was quite similar in its composition to the TPP. Although TPP is larger in scope than merely North America, it does in many ways effectively erase our borders and greatly diminishes our sovereignty. Heidi Cruz was assigned to the CFR’s project which was titled, “Building a North American Community” report.

It is also more than a little suspicious that Ted Cruz supposedly fought a battle as David against the Obamacare Goliath in late 2013. When he lost against overwhelming odds and with little support, it became the foundation for the surrender to the White House by Republicans in both the House and Senate on every issue of importance since. The supposed fear of being “blamed” for shutting down the government was born, as was the presidential career of the new “maverick,” Ted Cruz. For one who is supposedly so despised by the establishment, he couldn’t have given them a more universal tool of treachery than what he did. As a supposed outsider, nobody would suspect the scheme, and he already knew John Boehner from all those years before. It could easily be dismissed as “conspiracy theory,” that always works.

Cruz’s tactic against Trump is obvious, to portray him as a liberal in the conservative, southern state of South Carolina. If he’s successful in destroying Trump’s reputation and steals his support, he could then ride the wave that a victory creates into other states, claiming that he is the lone “true conservative” and “political outsider.”

Cruz’s antics indicate he’s not a true anything. While he wants voters to question the conservative credentials of Donald Trump and by extension his honesty, and acceptability, candidate Cruz would do well to dispense with the outsider shtick. Being unpopular can put one on the outside but that is much different from a lack of affiliation or attachment. Both he and his wife are insiders, tied closely to one of the most powerful political families in America, the Bushes. They’re about as insider as you can get.

Trump supporters aren’t easily swayed by cheap political theatrics. They’re the ones who pay attention year round, year after year. They’ve seen what’s been done to their country. Cruz’s stage presentation is nothing new and  their resumes are becoming well known. They’re establishment pretending they’re not; the people aren’t fooled.

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