[Watch] Obama’s AG Pick Lynch Is A Racist Activist As Bad As Eric Holder – Vows To Continue “The Fight”

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Obama needed to find just the right candidate for Attorney General. He needed somebody that would carry on in the tradition of promoting black preference and perhaps provide the same level of protection from the law as he received under Eric Holder.

While the cover for his lawbreaking is an unanswered question, it wasn’t too tough of a search to find a racist black activist attorney. The one he hit while swinging a dead cat was Loretta Lynch.

Of course Obama noted her commitment to civil rights in his introduction of her while announcing his choice, but he didn’t belabor the issue. He really doesn’t want to draw to much attention to her activism. It’s going to come out, regardless and as this video demonstrates, she’s big on black preference and “setting things right in America.”

In her remarks she makes it a point to invoke racism many times, starting off with a comment that she serves at the pleasure of the first African-American president of the United States of America. Ignore his pedigree and his lawlessness, folks. What counts is he’s the right color.

Once again ignoring obstructionism and lawbreaking, she hails Eric Holder as a model for his blackness.

She says, “There is still more work to do. People tell us the dream is not realized because dreams never are.” So she can never be satisfied, the racism goalposts must always be moved to garner more privilege.

She says under Obama and Holder that the DOJ is committed to following through on the dreams of King and Mandela.  Mandela wasn’t even an American, and he was jailed as a subversive, anti-government rebel. It is interesting that she holds him as an ideal for America’s future.

She says that fifty years after the civil rights march in Washington she sees people trying to take back “so much of what Dr. King fought for.” She claims voting rights laws which restrict voting to citizens only are an infringement on the rights of black and is proud that the DOJ has sued states in the south. Apparently to her, being a southern patriot who doesn’t want illegal aliens voting or anyone voting more than once is racist.

That’s like saying laws against shoplifting are racist or required ID to fly on an airplane is racist. It’s ridiculous and either a statement made in ignorance or designed to manipulate and extract an advantage. She doesn’t seem to be ignorant, so it’s likely a manipulation.

She says “We have to fight, the dream is still continuing, not only in our courts but in our schools.” She talks with pride of bringing lawsuits against school districts in Alabama who enforce discipline on black children.  She depicts the discipline as the cause of student failures, not their misbehavior, utilizing the black victimization model of racial preference agitation.

She closes her remarks saying that, “Mandela and King showed us the power of maintaining a belief in what is right and what is just.” Clearly, this woman is, as unimaginable as it might seem, as bad as or worse than Eric Holder. Who knew such a person even existed?

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