Napolitano – Clinton A Liar, Felony Terrorist Arms Dealer, Destroyed Libya

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Clinton Lied About Libya, Took Out Gaddafi, Made A Mess of The Middle East


In a town hall on MSNBC with Chris Matthews, Hillary Clinton made the statement that no lives were lost in Libya. That is not true as we all know; four lives were lost in Benghazi by Mrs. Clinton’s own hand. She was generally dishonest in the portrayal of what happened in a many regards, which Chris Matthews chose not to address. Judge Andrew Napolitano is not quite so obliging to the criminal former Secretary of State.

The Judge says, “She really wants to rewrite history” and credits that desire and the control of information with her use of a private server.


Describing Libya as Clinton’s beast in the night, Judge Napolitano notes that in addition to four Americans being murdered, whose families she then lied to as to, but “she instigated and pressed the use of American and NATO military in Libya in order to destroy the Gaddafi government. She signed permission for American arms dealers to ship arms to groups that the CIA told her were terrorist groups, groups that it was a felony to provide material assistance to, she authorized it in her capacity as Secretary of State.”

He also cited, “The destruction of Gaddafi, whom Tony Blair and George W. Bush said was a partner of ours in the war on terror, the destruction of Gaddafi has unleashed the most horrific chaos, there is no central government there now. And who’s moving in? ISIS. She doesn’t want to talk about any of this. She doesn’t want to take the blame for any of this and she wants to rewrite history.”


Asked how she can make such a claim when we all know four lives were lost, Napolitano said, “I don’t know what was going through her head except that she doesn’t want to confront this.”

Napolitano offers a teaser, “One of the super-secret emails that was found on her server was Ambassador Stevens’ itinerary, travelling about Libya, two days before he was murdered. I wonder who got their hands on that.”

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    Hi Rick THANKS for your up all nite furry – Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid have been stuffing one another’s wallets for decades – TRAITORS

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