Multi-$Million Refugee Cash Leech – 10,000 Syrians “Woefully Inadequate” – 100,000 Muslims Invaders More Responsible

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Given what she depicts as “woefully inadequate” numbers of foreign invaders being ushered into the United States by her parasitic organization, the panelist might have had enough spare time in her day for a little grooming, such as combing that rat nest on top of her head. She might have even made the largely symbolic effort to apply a touch of makeup to make herself at least minimally presentable, since she was speaking in public. Proud bug-eating feminist have no time for such nonsense. Maybe she took a shower.

Brittney Nystrom is the Advocacy Director for the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, one of those independent organizations that attaches a religious affiliation to their title in order to portray legitimacy and engender the acceptance of those providing them with money that what they’re doing, human trafficking and treasury raiding, is a good, noble and humanitarian venture.


Nystrom informs her audience and fellow panelists that the targeted levels for 2016 of potential terrorists and others to be brought into the United States from “Syria” as “refugees” of 10,000 just won’t do. She cites 4.1 million “Syrian refugees” worldwide as the baseline figure from which we should draw. Framing the argument as the United States selfishly refusing to do our part, she points to Lebanon as drawing the equivalent of 100 million based upon a percentage of population.

That’s exactly the correct place to seek out a solution. Let Lebanon and the other Muslim countries deal with it. Problem solved, there’s cookies and punch set up in the back, thanks for coming.


But Nystrom’s not going anywhere; she’s got her hand out, inserting it ever-so-delicately into our collective pockets. The audience is still looking at her, nobody’s snickering or throwing anything, she’ll keep talking. She argues that a “reasonable exercise of burden sharing would suggest that 10,000 Syrians in 2016 is just not enough.” She goes on to play the universally accepted “American white guilt card,” calling upon our historic “proud role” in humanitarian relief globally, and chastising us for “lagging behind” when it comes to Syrians.

She and her agency are urging the United States to resettle the same 100,000 member Islamic army that the Marxist Obama operative Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) called for on the Senate floor on the same day. She says that it is a much more “responsible” number when it comes to foreign policy and humanitarian concerns. She recommends that we “keep the process secure,” which can’t be done, while still opening the flood gates of cultural and national destruction to her agency’s profiteering.

The claimed reasons are predictable, as the propagandist from Politico leads the panelist into an inferred assault against the “bigots and Bubbas of America.” She faults a lack of political will, which many of us might perceive as a presence of good judgment or due diligence. She then quotes more of the same numbers and instances that Senator Durbin used, Vietnam in particular, in support of her argument. One thing the Marxist Democrats are quite good at is presenting a unified message and front, a coordinated push by the Democrat anti-American agitators.

Kelly Gauger, of the Obama State Department Population, Refugees and Migration Bureau corrects Nystrom, by citing the current “refugee” crescendo that is building. She boasts to the audience that “the program is just now gearing up, we’re just now ramping up” pointing out that they will have a “huge number of DHS interviews in the region this year.”

Gauger claims that the reasons that 100,000 is not a realistic figure is due to both an inability on the part of the State Department to process at that level as well as the UN being unable to provide those numbers of referrals. The devastating impact on our country isn’t even a part of the discussion.

Just in case someone might perceive these bark-eaters as the strict humanitarians that they present themselves to be, it is worth noting that the organization for which Nystrom works, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, profits quite handsomely from their efforts on behalf of those who would become dependents of the American taxpayer or potential terrorists.

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In 2014 they reported assets of over $19 million dollars, with revenue provided by the captive US citizenry of over $55 million into their efforts. With a total number of “refugees” imported into the US for the year of 11,565, that equals a tidy $4,755 per person of income to their operation. It’s understandable why they would be advocating for those numbers to skyrocket.

The recruitment focus is on non-white, non-Christian nations. Europeans, Caucasians and others from the traditional sources of American immigrants need not apply. The five nations which top the list of “refugee” providers are Iraq, Burma, Somalia, Bhutan and Afghanistan.

It’s just more of the open borders assaults on our nation by the Marxist anti-Americans. What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. Elaine Haney // October 22, 2015 at 7:45 pm // Reply

    We can’t except that many refugee’s when our country is falling apart. Let the other nations like Saudi, Kuwait, etc. Take in these Syrian refugees.

  2. How is it that no one in government says no- never this will be stopped. No matter what it takes we will not allow this invasion to happen. America is being set-up for a terrorist Jihad. This is beyond Insanity.

  3. Any person know of a nut ward that will take in Brittney Nystrom for daily shock treatments. This gal is completely lost. Lutherans, best you go down the street to another church.

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