Merkel Damage Control, Orders Social Media Censorship – Germany, Europe In Turmoil She Created

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A week after innocent women in the German city of Cologne were attacked, groped, mugged, sexually assaulted and generally disrespected and violated in every way imaginable by Islamists on New Year’s Eve, Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel has taken decisive action. Her response was the type of thing we’d likely see from her comrade Hussein Obama in this country, she attacked the victims.

Merkel, according to the report, has ordered a crackdown on “hate speech” against “asylum seekers,” or “migrants,” the sanitized language used to describe savage street thugs who prey upon the civilized population of Germany. Something or someone smells oddly like a rat. It’s a frumpy female rat, not very attractive, about 61 years old with an anti-German, European Union, Nazi puppet kind of bias. It’s the same rat that has created the situation in which her nation is now under siege by the most vile of foreign miscreants.

Merkel ordered and received pledges of cooperative censorship in return from Facebook, Twitter and Google, to act as she dictates in enforcing German law as per her interpretation and instructions. They’ll be removing posts which are critical of those who practice the rape and molestation of innocents or those who share a common illegitimacy in being in Germany, having misrepresented themselves as being Syrians who were being threatened by the Syrian civil war.

The number of criminal complaints filed from the New Year’s Eve assaults has now risen to in excess of 120, with two of the suspects identified as Moroccan citizens, the guests of Angela Merkel. Boys will be boys, right Angie?

The local citizens express their levels of concern and fear for their safety. As for whether or not they believe the perpetrators will be captured, those interviewed on camera indicated they felt it would be unlikely. The reporter notes that out of a thousand suspects there have been only a handful of arrests, with a total of ten police officers working the cases.

Another high profile event is upcoming in Cologne, the five day Carnival, which includes street parties. It’s sure to be an opportunity for more carnage on the part of the relocated barbarians.

Merkel engaged in some talking out of the other side of her reckless, duplicitous mouth, the side opposite from the one engaged in the censorship and the open border insanity. The consequences were predicted and no surprise to many of us who are half a world away; they should have been at least as obvious to a leader from within her own nation.

Merkel described the molestations as repugnant and intolerable criminal acts. The reporter quotes her as believing they may not be an isolated case. Did she figure that one out on her own or did some advisors come to her aid? What appears to be at play now is a damage control effort on the part of Merkel to protect herself and position in the face of rising criticism over the mess which she played the predominant role in creating.

Britain’s UKIP’s Stephen Wolfe called out Merkel’s reckless and misguided policies, saying, “I’m afraid this will lead to a permanent change in the way that Europe actually acts within its own nations,” citing issues that they’ve had in the UK which similarly included sexual assaults and the censorship of the reporting on them by the media in deference to the Islamic populations. He also noted the even more catastrophic situation in Sweden. Wolfe placed responsibility for the problem squarely on Angela Merkel. He said, “This all is driven from Angela Merkel’s monumental mistake in having an open door immigration policy for anyone who is an asylum seeker and anyone who is an economic migrant.” He says that “Germany will now have to come to terms with the fact that their country will change as a consequence.”

They play clips from three EU member nation leaders from Hungary, Croatia and the Czech Republic,  who are less than complimentary in their assessment of Merkel’s role in the now disastrous social engineering project.

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  1. Talk about being right out of the Obuttmunch playbook!! This is unbelievable.

  2. Ashkenazi crypto-Jewess ‘Merkel’ using her Russian Bolshevik training to pound the coffin nails down upon the white christian German people just as her crypto-Zionist ancestors did by mass murdering 66 million white christians in white Russia…

  3. Consider this, Merkel controls media in Germany all because of her own stupid and Liberal beliefs. The Muslims she allowed in the German Republic are nothing but thugs, these same thugs Obama who will allowing into our country. Where is the leadership, only Trump who brought this up are saying not to bring these people into our country.

  4. Merkel’s new book; “My Comfort With Muslims”. Adolf did not like Jews, for Merkel, she does not like Germans.

  5. You would do the same thing where you were ugly inside and out that mirrors shattered when you passed the same as experienced by Zuckerberg. Sie würde die gleiche Sache, wenn du hässlich innen und außen, dass Spiegel zerbrochen, wenn Sie das gleiche passiert wie von Zuckerberg erlebt waren zu tun.

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