Mark Levin – Smoking Gun Of Treason, Conference Call Whistle Blower – Obama, LaRaza Plotting To Replace Americans With “Country Within A Country”

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We all know there’s undeniably something un-American about Hussein Obama. In fact, the list of what is American about him would very closely resemble a blank sheet of paper.

Susan Payne, a contributor to WCBM Baltimore and co-host of the Pat McDonough Radio Show, reveals to Mark Levin how she was able to listen in on a conference call in which the Marxists of the Obama regime, including a representative of each of 16 cabinet secretaries, as well as Cecilia Munoz, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, and representatives of the Latino racist organization LaRaza, were gathered to discuss their plot to destroy America from within.

She references an Obama creation called the “Task Force on New Americans.” Munoz also is chairperson of that task force, more accurately described as “The Task Force on Replacement Americans.”

The documentation creating it was actually what Obama generated while supposedly issuing an executive order creating his illegal amnesty last year in Las Vegas. The criminality of the actual amnesty was undertaken by means of a memorandum issued November 20th by Hussein Obama’s criminal co-conspirator, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Payne believes the number of illegals who are targeted to become the new internalized invading force is closer to fifteen million than four and the plot to interweave them into our nation is quite intricate and thoroughly planned out.

She says that once they are coaxed out of the shadows, their current communities will be designated as “receiving communities,” which will benefit from a flow of taxpayer dollars to benefit the new “refugees.” The terminology used to describe the replacement population in the conference call was to view them as a seedling, and that seedlings need fertile soil in which to grow. The plan, according to Payne, is for the seedlings to eventually take over the host. She understood that the citizens would then be pushed into the shadows. She quoted one of the task force members as admitting they are developing a country within a country.

Ms Payne was also disturbed by a statement made that “immigrants need to be aware of the benefits they are ‘entitled to.’” The government conspirators also acknowledged that this group would never assimilate, terming it as they would “navigate, not assimilate.”

The method described involves wide open Latino immigration and citizenship, to create a race-based country within a country, loyal to Hussein Obama’s communism and working to overthrow the government by the people of the United States. We are facilitating and even financing our own destruction, eaten away by the disease that is the communist cabal under Hussein Obama and his puppet masters.

This is a big deal. This is the smoking gun of treason.

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