Land-Grabbing Obama Included Bundy Ranch In Parting Shot At UT, NV

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Utah Governor Gary Herbert says there’s no other way to look at it, the people of his state are being targeted by Obama, noting that the entire state was opposed to the designation of the Bears Ears monument. According to reports the Bears Ears name has nothing to do with any similarity to the radar dishes on the sides of Obama’s head. In a dictatorial act befitting of Obama, 1.35 million acres were simply set aside by the stroke of his pen.

In what appears to be another act of immature indifference to the wishes of the common slaves also sometimes referred to as citizens, Obama set off thirty thousand acres in neighboring Nevada. That tract just happens to include the Bundy Ranch, which Harry Reid and his Chinese friends want shut down in the interest of the Desert Tortoise and teaching those uppity ranchers who’s boss. There’s always the chance of a lucrative “renewable” energy deal suddenly popping up with a Chinese fortune cookie attached as well.

Harry Reid said he was “overjoyed” to hear that Obama had made the designation, being the turtle-obsessed environmentalist and cattle-hater that he is. The reporter says that in Utah it’s a different story, apparently taking Harry Reid as the voice of Nevadans in his selfish elation. Unless you’re in line to abuse your power federal ownership of Nevada is not popular within that state, just as it isn’t in neighboring Utah.

They were able to find a guy who offered support for the government, citing anonymous instances where he says sacred sites were desecrated and destroyed. They also found a woman who stated that the Utah land is part of her sovereign nation, so that settles it, in her view.

Oversight Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) is opposed to the land grab, and makes his case noting a complete lack of interaction on the part of the Obama regime and indications that they planned to do this unilaterally long ago. He vows to fight and is hoping that President-elect Trump will provide his assistance to correcting this flagrant parting shot at the American people and the people of his state by the usurper as he’s kicked off our property.

Chaffetz also promises to clarify the Antiquities Act, which actually restricts the land size to “small designations,” the source of the abuse that has permitted this and other huge tracts of land. Over 5 million acres have been appropriated under Hussein Obama, simply because Congress was unwilling to challenge this overreach-prone dictatorial federal government.

Now that it’s personal for Rep Chaffetz and now that the adversary is running out of time in power, and a citizen-friendly, respectful administration is taking over, Congress may be discovering their collective manhood, about 8 years too late.

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  2. Grabbing millions of acres just doesn’t fit into the intent of the Antiquities Act. From Wikipedia: “The Act states that areas of the monuments are to be confined to the smallest area compatible with the proper care and management of the objects to be protected.” Sooo, WHAT OBJECTS is Hussein’s latest grab PROTECTING? This is a personal stab in Bundy’s back, compliments of Hussein and Dirty Harry.

  3. And the public doesn’t realize when something is declared a National Monument, that means the Gov. owns not only the land, but any minerals, oil, and water that comes from that land. Just a heads up on that little gem.

  4. ron thompson // December 30, 2016 at 9:16 pm // Reply

    Trump has a lot of clean up to do after the actions of the treasonous POS Obama has committed against the U.S. and its citizens.

  5. Throw the bum out.

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