Homeland Security A Shambles, Falling Apart Under Jihadi Jeh Johnson

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Jeh Johnson – The Greatest Threat To Homeland Security


It’s bad enough that the mission of the Department of Homeland Security has been redirected from preventing the invasion of America to facilitating it and from enforcing immigration law to negating and nullifying it. Additionally, a recent Inspector General report outlines how the condition of our facilities have deteriorated dramatically under the criminal mismanagement and neglect of anti-American subversive and Homeland “Security” Secretary Jeh Johnson. Johnson only manages like an imbecile because it suits the regime’s open borders, Marxist purposes. He’s not stupid, he’ a Columbia-educated lawyer who served as General Counsel for the Department of Defense. What he’s doing to our border enforcement has to be deliberate.

The report, which was released on February 9th, details a litany of situations in which problems have been ignored which impact our security and the ability of agents to do their jobs. There are also health concerns and instances of critical facilities not even being open and staffed.


4 of the 11 Forward Operating Bases along the Mexican border are not operational. Those facilities are vital to our defense against both invasion and criminal activities. As noted by CNSNews from the report, those are “permanent” facilities “established in forward or remote locations to sustain Border Patrol operations.” They are located in areas “where there is a high degree of illegal alien crossings and drug running. The IG described FOB’s as being “indispensable to Border Patrol intelligence, deterrence, and rapid response.”

They’re described as indispensible, yet four of them are shut down as our nation is being flooded with heroin, other drugs and people. How are we to believe that terrorists are not part of the trafficking mix? It’s not too hard to guess why the cartels are having such an easy time with their drug trafficking. Jihadi Jeh Johnson and Obama want it that way. We can speculate as to their motivations.

While Border Patrol Agents are assigned to live in the remote positions for seven days at a time, the living conditions are in some ways substandard, including well water that is undrinkable and unsuited even for bathing as well as air conditioning that is not functioning properly in areas of extreme heat. Funding was allocated to re-drill the well in FY 2015, but no work no ground has been broken. Similarly, ten work orders have been submitted since 2012 to have the air conditioning system repaired, with each one ignored by DHS “management.”


One location does not have a functional CCTV system despite it being a requirement in the Office of Internal Affairs handbook.

Multiple locations have broken cameras which they cannot get repaired and two of the six southwest FOBs do not have the mandated electronic gates. It’s good enough for the mini-storage down the road but not for protecting those who guard our nation.

In the case of at least one FOB, the access road is treacherous, described by the IG as “unsafe and deteriorating,” that “Large portions of the road have washed away completely; other parts are impassable because of craters in the road.”

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2 Comments on Homeland Security A Shambles, Falling Apart Under Jihadi Jeh Johnson

  1. Dennis Woodhull, Sr. // March 2, 2016 at 7:11 am // Reply

    Just another obammy pos that has to be kicked out of office !!

  2. This is no coincidence. Obama has been putting this plan together, with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Arab Emerits, Arab Spring, Iran, Indonesia, etc., for decades. This man is an enemy of the United States! He is a traitor! We must cease thinking and speaking of this fraud, as an American president. He is not that. He is a Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR plant-a mole, which was needed by the Islamic terrorist movement, in order to appoint and insert as many Muslim operatives into our government as possible. Thus the numerous Muslims in our government. This has been done while our citizens have been preoccupiedwith the distractions used to keep us focused on the manufactured crisis’ in our country, that Obama and his socialist, leftist, communist administration have developed, for that very purpose; Obamacare, racism, governmental closures, etc. But the actual purpose behind the smoke and mirrors is; funding terrorists like Isis, arming Iran with nuclear capabilities, releasing terrorists from Gitmo, and their most deviate move-the army of jihadists, posing as “refugees”. His persistence to bring 250,000 in, before the end of 2016. Ladies and gentlemen, Barack Hussein Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim, terrorist organizations, like CAIR, in an effort to bring down the United States of America, have in their plans, to import their Muslim army from the Middle East. Obama has continuously taken actions that clearly show the direction of their agenda. We must stand strongly against this barbaric faction. We must band together as Americans who love our nation and stop Obama and all who are bringing us this anti Americanism! Stand America! We are AMERICANS!! We must stand!!! Is it not obvious to those of us, not duped by his rhetoric, that he is not on our side-that he is a traitor and an imposter-that he is on the side of our enemies, who hate America and despise Americans? Then, it is now quite clear, that this man, this imposter, this enemy and traitor of the United States, must be stopped, at all cost! STAND America!

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