Graham – 7,000 More Troops Going To “War In Syria” – Ramping Up For Another Regime Change

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It’s better than Christmas for Lindsey Graham and John McCain as they’ve got a real opportunity to get the war they’ve wanted desperately ever since the previous one in Iraq wound down and then wound back up.

Graham tries to answer in “America first” type of language but he can’t do so and still support the endless conflicts that are bankrupting America and forever impacting so many lives, both here at home and in the nations abroad where they are being fought.

Tucker Carlson leads off the discussion of the future military operations in Syria by dismissing the common belief that the Syria strike was a “one off” action in response to a chemical weapons strike, calling for an additional 6,000 to 7,000 US troops to be sent to Syria, in force levels similar to what we now have in Iraq. Carlson makes the statement that the purpose of placing the troops there would be to depose President Assad, which Graham sanitizes as being there to defeat ISIS.

He follows that declaration with a statement that, “Regime change comes when we “train up” Syrians. The Syrians will take care of Assad, ISIL’s [ISIS] a direct threat to the homeland and Assad’s not. I’m not suggesting that Bashar al-Assad’s going to attack America. I do believe ISIL would if they could. More troops would mean we could take Raqqa sooner and we wouldn’t have this Kurd – Turkey fight,” he says.  “More Arabs would join the fight if you had more American troops.”

Graham then lets the cat out of the bag just as he did on O’Reilly immediately prior to the airstrip strike, saying, “So I think you’re going to see a ramp up of American troops,” describing them as taking support, not front line positions. When Carlson characterizes it as “a whole new war,” Graham responds, “No, an end to [an] old war.”

That supposed end will be a long time and a lot of taxpayer money wasted in coming, a figure that Graham refuses to even estimate. Graham says the war has been going on for eight years, although our involvement, aside from covertly attempting regime change, will be new and at new levels, if President Trump decides to follow in the footsteps of George W. Bush, as McCain, Graham and so many other tools of the military industrial complex and the political establishment are urging.”

After Graham expresses his pride in the actions of President Trump in support of the American role that may well morph into the expansion that he and McCain have been salivating for, and how Kim Jong-un is now thinking differently about President Trump, Carlson asks him to take three steps back. He notes that we’re fighting two forces, ISIS and the Assad army, if Graham gets his promised expansion, and arming a third, al-Qaeda affiliated group.

Graham then goes on to say that the real enemy is not as much ISIS as it is Assad, even though that is who we’re fighting a declared war against and that is who we are supposedly engaged in the battle plan that President Trump had drawn up on a thirty day timeframe when he took office. He also stated in the beginning that we are in Syria to get rid of ISIS, but just belied that by admitting Assad is the “real target.” Suddenly, the real identity of the enemy is not the terrorists allied with John McCain but his and Graham’s archenemy Putin and his puppet Assad. The question “Who are McCain and Graham really working for?” is one that still begs to be answered.

Now the neocons have somehow convinced the anti-war President Trump to repeat the mistakes of both Bushes and go to war in the Middle East to effect a regime change that has dubious, debatable value to America’s national interests? Graham is on the record, on this broadcast, as stating there will be an escalation involving 7,000 troops into the space already occupied by Russia.

 It’s a Russia-occupied space in which hostility generated by the political establishment Democrats and RINOs, who have been covertly attempting to manipulate regime change for the last eight years, has reached a fever pitch as they incessantly beat them up as villains in the media.

If these neo-clown neocons aren’t trying to start a hot war with Russia and Iran, they’re doing an excellent job of stumbling into one.

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5 Comments on Graham – 7,000 More Troops Going To “War In Syria” – Ramping Up For Another Regime Change

  1. But if you didn’t vote for Trump ,who did? how can this be happening?oh no

  2. Kelleigh Nelson // April 9, 2017 at 8:11 pm // Reply

    This is not why we put this man in office…one term president if he doesn’t get a grip on it

    • Susan Borden // April 10, 2017 at 3:41 am // Reply

      Rice’s statement cleverly contained ‘legaleeze’. They got out all the chemical weapons “we knew about.” She and BHO can now come back with “well we didn’t know about those then.”

  3. TONYA PARNELL // April 9, 2017 at 6:37 pm // Reply

    McCain and his girlfriend Graham should be working towards Russia and the US getting the chemical weapons out of Syria. They forget the fact Ohomo and Rice announced they were gone-another lie. I think this would be the solution.

  4. VietNam slaughter of our soldiers and air craft all over a gain as ordered by the zionist atheists and their puppet Nazis. McCain can go there and greet the dead pilots.

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