DNC Chair Perez Demonstrates Why He Is And Should Be Loathed – Dems Will Lose Big

tom perez


DNC Chairman Tom Perez is a despicable individual, foul-mouthed, seemingly just for the sake of it, one of those skinny little guys in high school that used it and smoking cigarettes to look grown up, who still hasn’t quite achieved that milestone.

He’s been cursing a lot lately, whenever he’s behind a lectern and with an audience of people, in front of him. He’s apparently confident that there are no Sunday school teachers left in the Democrat Party or if there are, he’s sending them a message that they need to get with the times. This is the new, profane Democrat Party, raising their foul mouths and voices as one, including everybody in a diverse hatred of America and our historic decencies. Accept the Dems as they are, just as they claim to accept everyone else. That’s a brilliant strategy, Perez.

He shows why he had to resort to a debate in order to be anointed, another instance of Clinton debate tampering, with zero charisma and decision making skills, having opted to drag commie Bernie Sanders around with him on his “unity tour.”

Even the CNN liberals can’t help themselves, making good sport of the fact that Sanders isn’t a Democrat, that the spokesperson for the Democrats that Perez selected doesn’t want to belong to their group, as they profess to be on a unity tour. If he was capable of shame now would be a great time to exhibit it; he’s not. When you’re born into that body, that lack of character, that lack of decency, that lack of integrity and with those teeth, you necessarily dispense with the shame at an early age. He’s just unlikable, another trait he shares with Hillary Clinton.

The Dems seem to have established a more liberal definition of unity, one that includes being united in their division. Since they’re the party of Hussein Obama, who spent the better part of his second term creating animosity and discord between different segments of  Americans people, along lines of identity, it’s only appropriate that they be divided as well. It’s who they are and it’s what they do.

As Sanders was speaking he asks for the audience to thank Tom Perez for his remarks and is booed. That was a short honeymoon for the establishment lackey. He never even got a kiss. Then again, that gets into that whole mouth issue. Just boo, Democrats, and prepare for another round of defeats; unite to lick each other’s wounds.

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3 Comments on DNC Chair Perez Demonstrates Why He Is And Should Be Loathed – Dems Will Lose Big

  1. I wonder if the democrats are proud of their chairman. He is repulsive in his language. He yells unmercifully. And in my opinion he is not very nice to look at. I am glad we do not have someone like that for the Republican chairman.

  2. Perhaps, like the Republicans before them, the Democrats don’t care if they win or not. They now know who the Republican voters are, exactly what makes up their voting bloc, and what they want. So if the dems can continue preventing the republicans from ‘keeping their promises,’ continue undermining and sabotaging them, continue to enlarge their own democratic idiot base of protesters, and disenfranchise republican voters from their party, and by doing so, cause a republican voter turnout so low, like they did in 2012, they will then be in a position to control everything – the White House, Congress, and yes, the Judidiciary – the dems have lots of dirty tricks up their sleeves. And next time they get total control, they will NEVER lose it again – they continue to prepare for their coup. And with the media, the schools, and obama’s people still in federal agencies, they believe they will win. In sum, I don’t believe the democrats in Congress and the DNC even care if they win or lose, in the short term.

  3. Wow….the DNC learned nothing over the last 4 years did they!?

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