Deliberate Act Of Eco-Terrorism By EPA And Obama Regime Predicted One Week Before CO Disaster

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On July 30th of this year, Dave Taylor, a retired geologist wrote a letter to the editor and the readers of the Silverton Standard, a local publication in the Silverton, CO area now suffering an environmental crisis at the hands of the EPA.

In his letter, Mr. Taylor predicted exactly the events that would happen a week later creating the disaster, believing at the time that what was unfolding was likely a deliberate act of environmental sabotage or terrorism by the Obama regime and the EPA in order to “justify” a seizure of control of the area and Superfund tax dollars.  Taylor described the EPA’s action as setting the town up for a “superfund blitzkrieg.”

Mr. Taylor describes in vivid detail the events he predicted a week before they took place, events that he believes were clearly evident to those within the EPA as well. He has no doubt that the contamination occurred as the result of a deliberate act of environmental terrorism committed by the Obama regime, his minion Gina McCarthy and her anti-American agency.

His letter, which appeared in the Silverton Standard, is included below:

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