Clinton Campaign Party To Desperation Electoral College Coup Attempt

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No matter how deep the hole is, the Clinton team can always find a way to dig themselves in a little deeper. According to the Daily Mail and messages obtained by Politico, senior Hillary Clinton advisers, including Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri, were in regular communication with those involved in the unfaithful elector effort to subvert the electoral college.

The ring leader of the effort to persuade electors to switch their votes away from Donald Trump was an unimpressive former Marine named Michael Baca, who is facing prosecution for failing to honor his oath to cast his vote for Mr. Trump. He was replaced as an elector by the State of Colorado when attempting to vote for John Kasich and he is now facing prosecution.

The Clinton staffers in communication with Baca included Jake Sullivan and Palmieri. In one exchange Baca apologized to Sullivan for his being overly urgent, with Sullivan responding, “Not at all! We all share a sense of urgency. Look forward to being in touch.”

Campaign chairman John Podesta added fuel to the fire by suggesting in a public statement “Electors have a solemn responsibility under the Constitution and we support their efforts to have their questions addressed.” To Podesta’s thinking, having questions addressed includes asking them in a forum in such a manner as to incite open rebellion against the individual states which sent their electors and against the will of the American people who voted.

Baca and Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri are reported to have exchanged text messages that indicated Palmieri’s interest in being informed about the progress of the subversive effort. There were also emails and call logs obtained by Politico documenting the relationship.

No information was given as to the nature of the breach which allowed Politico to put its hands on the communications records. We can assume it, like everything else that went south for the Clinton campaign, was the doing of Vladimir Putin because of that personal beef he’s got against Hillary Clinton. Sure, that was it.

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2 Comments on Clinton Campaign Party To Desperation Electoral College Coup Attempt

  1. Eldon Andersebn // December 24, 2016 at 3:32 am // Reply

    The Clinton’s ,Obammer Soros
    Are all bastareds and should be

  2. All of the demorat mob continued efforts to get electoral college to violate their duty as elected only proves again the demorat party does not work of democracy. This needs to be handled by disenfranchising the democratic party.

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