Charles Krauthammer – Whitewater The Sequel, Hillary Clinton Stonewalling From Here Until Election Day

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Referencing the Clinton email scandal, Charles Krauthammer describes it as “the nineties all over again.” He sees the key statement that the former Secretary of State made as being her contention that “the server is private and I’m hanging on to it and no one’s going to have a look at it. She was asked, ‘would you have an impartial outside observer go in and decide which ones are private,’ she said no, basically. We own it.”

Krauthammer believes her determined obstructionism dates back to the Whitewater investigation, when she acquiesced to her husband’s decision to cooperate with investigators and agree to a special prosecutor. Krauthammer says Hillary Clinton views that decision as a catastrophic mistake, one he thinks she has vowed to never repeat.

He also makes note of the statement that she made in which she says she had no reason to keep the emails, an indication that she has already deleted or destroyed them.

Krauthammer says, “She is not going to make that mistake again. This is going to be stonewalled from here until Election Day.”

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