Biden “Not Who We Are Jr” Apologizes For Patriotic Americans Standing Up To Mexico

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Biden Grovels “On Our Behalf” At The Mexican President’s Feet


Joe Biden didn’t disappoint those gathered to hear his drivel in Mexico City on Thursday as he joined the Mexican President on stage. They’ve grown accustomed to an America that accepts the worst of treatment without objection, that plays an active role in its own demise, and which grovels apologetically and makes excuses when those with a spine speak out in objection to the intrusive Mexican aggression.

America’s crooked government has ignored reality for decades as Mexico’s invasion and pilfering of our nation was quietly taking place. We’re not allowing them to get away with it any longer. The big dog has had enough of the Chihuahua nipping at its ankles. One bite and it’s done.

But the muzzle is still on temporarily, so Joe Biden was welcomed as he pathetically apologized for the Americans who will soon be leading this nation, Donald Trump and others, who are fed up with the onslaught and determined to set things right.


Biden, the boot licking cur, told the Mexicans, “There has been a lot of damaging and incredibly inaccurate rhetoric and I would argue I feel almost obliged to apologize.” He should have stopped there, and been speaking to the American people regarding the Obama regime’s open borders and anti-American actions.

He wasn’t and he didn’t. Biden continued, adopting his “nervous little school boy Joey” technique of filling sentences with um and uhs. What better way to show the Mexicans just how sincerely repentant he really was than being “obviously embarrassed?” He continued, “For some of what my political colleagues have said. Um, it is uh, about Mexico, about the Mexican people, um, it’s a heated campaign season and uh, I uh, um. I just want you to know, Mr. President, that the most heated of the rhetoric that you’ve heard from some of the competitors for the nomination for president is not who we are as the American people.


It’s not who the Marxists are, Biden, Clinton, Obama, Johnson and Kerry, that’s true. But it is who the American people are. He’s trying to keep their little rape and pillage party from falling apart but it’s too late, the sleeping giant is waking up and feels quite violated. This little presentation by “shy and sincere Joey” is all for public consumption anyway, these two have already met in private and gone over their little staged, “heartfelt” presentation. These politicians are all as fake as a three dollar bill.

Biden adds, “It is not the view of the majority of the American people; it’s the exact opposite, it’s the opposite view.” He doesn’t speak for the American people. He doesn’t know us nor does he care to. He represents the anti-Americans and he is the one who is the exact opposite.

Roll over Chihuahua Joey, el presidente’s gonna rub your tummy. Good boy.

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2 Comments on Biden “Not Who We Are Jr” Apologizes For Patriotic Americans Standing Up To Mexico

  1. Yes it is who we are ahole. Get used to the idea of Trump because he is coming and Mexico will be paddling their own f**king boat for a change.

  2. No Biden, we are not like you, a dumb ass stupid sympathizer and a worthless POS. Guess he invited you to Mexico to see their donkey screwing shows. Was in Mexico once and swore to never go back, have never been to a nastier place and I have been around the world in my 20 years of Military service.

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